The Most Magical Quotes From 'Onward'

Pixar fans are needed to come forward and vote for the best Onward quotes. The company's magical new animated feature has an abundance of funny lines from which to choose, courtesy of its two main characters, but also from the colorful supporting players. Choosing the most unforgettable one liners won't be easy, because so many of them earn a laugh, and a couple even touch the heart.

Tom Holland provides the voice of Ian Lightfoot, an elf with one wish -- to meet the deceased father he never knew. He gets a chance after mom Laurel (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) gives Ian and rambunctious older brother Barley (Chris Pratt) a magic staff their father left behind. They summon a spell that will bring him back for just one day, which they figure is more than enough time to say their proper goodbyes. But the spell doesn't quite go as planned, bringing back only their dad's lower half. With little time to spare, the siblings go on a quest to find a replacement stone to power the staff so they can bring their father back in full form. All sorts of comic complications ensue. 

Onward was directed by Dan Scanlon, who previously made Monsters University for Pixar. He co-wrote the screenplay with Jason Headley and Keith Bunin. The supporting cast includes Octavia Spencer as "the Manticore" and Lena Waithe as a police officer.

Vote up the most memorable Onward quotes from the list below. 

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    I Believe In You

    Ian Lightfoot: I can’t do it. We’re not going to see you, dad.

    Barley Lightfoot: You can do this. I believe in you.

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    Meet You

    Ian Lightfoot: I wish I’d met him.

    Laurel Lightfoot: He wanted to meet you more than anything.

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    That Doesn't Work

    Barley Lightfoot: We might be out of gas.

    Ian Lightfoot: But it says we have a full tank.

    Barley Lightfoot: No, that doesn’t work.

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    My Gut

    Barley Lightfoot: My gut knows where to go. Don’t you, boy? Yes, you do.