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The Best Pizza Flavored Things

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List RulesOnly pizza flavored things that are not pizza. No Bagel Bites allowed, those are just tiny pizzas and you know it.

Most people would agree that pizza is the best food ever. Whether it is cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian, or something with 12 toppings, you can't go wrong. The endless possibilities and large amounts of cheese make this a favorite for most food lovers. But, what if you aren't able to get pizza exactly when you want it? Do you resort to the alternatives? You might be surprised at the products available that have the delectable and signature pizza flavor. Looking for some snacks that taste like pizza? Do not fret, there are plenty to choose from.

If you love all things pizza then this list of pizza flavored snacks is perfect for you. This list ranks them all, including classics like Combos, Pringles, and Goldfish, but also many surprises! How about a pizza flavored beer? Or what about pizza flavored Lip Balm? Or you can go really crazy and dip a pizza Pringle into pizza hummus. There are so many pizza flavored products and pizza snacks out there, you could go mad. Who cares if they taste exactly like your favorite pizza - they're just so much fun!

If you love pizza as much as the rest of us then make sure you check out the list and vote up your favorite pizza flavored item. If your mouth is starting to water then you have come to the right place. Have a Goldfish that tastes like pizza (is there even pizza in the ocean!?!?) sit back, and enjoy.