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List Rules Vote up the hot (or really cold!) vacation spots in our solar system that you'd most like to use some precious vacation days to visit.

The solar system is a vast, amazing place. From our Goldilocks-zone planet of Earth we've been able to observe and learn quite a lot about our solar neighborhood. Most of that knowledge has come from high tech probes and telescopes, letting us peek at the other celestial bodies that make up our solar system.

Getting there in person has proved a considerable challenge for our tenacious drive to explore. The whole solar system is hundreds of millions of kilometers of space, inhabited by objects that make up an infinitesimal fraction of that volume. And even if you could live long enough to make the voyage, these places aren't exactly hospitable, with all manners of intolerable cold, heat or toxicity.

But let's just assume we all had a TARDIS or something. What cool things in the solar system could you visit? What outer space tourist sites would be your favorite destinations in an age of space tourism? Once you've considered this important question, why not rank your favorite Star Wars planets also?
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Sail Along Saturn's Rings

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Photo:  NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
One of the most visually distinctive features of any planet in the solar system, the rings extend from approximately 6,630 to 120,700 kilometers outward from Saturn's equator, but on average they are only 20 meters thick. They provide excellent views of Saturn's atmosphere and the surrounding moons.
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Dive Below the Ice Surface of Europa to the Oceans Beneath

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Photo: JPL/Giant Worlds
Jupiter's moon Europa is a very exciting world! Scientists have found plenty of evidence to suggest that Europa has persistent liquid oceans under its frozen surface, prevented from freezing by heat-releasing tectonic activity, similar to Earth. These conditions could be harboring primitive deep sea life, if we could look closer.
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Swim in the Methane Lakes of Titan

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Photo: YouTube
Saturn's moon Titan has actual seas and lakes of liquid methane and ethane. It is so abundant and dynamic that there is actually a methane weather cycle similar to the water cycle on Earth.
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Ski on the Frozen Slopes of Pluto's Norgray Montes

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Photo:  NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute
Despite it being classified a dwarf planet now, Pluto is still a worthy destination for interstellar tourists. Although instead of frozen liquid snow, you'll be skiing through nitrogen ice on Norgay Montes. You could get some serious height with Pluto's reduced gravity compared to Earth's.
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