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The Best Places To Land In 'Apex Legends'

What are the best landing spots in Apex Legends? As small as it might be, Kings Canyon is full of interesting spots to land. With the help of your votes, we're highlighting the best places to land in Apex Legends, taking things like loot content and popularity into account.

There are two random spots that certainly deserve your attention. The Supply Ship offers some seriously high-tier loot and can be spotted flying randomly above the map while dropping. Make it there and you're sure to find a good weapon, but expect some dangerous company. The Hot Zone is another random high-tier spot on the map. Find the Hot Zone circle before you jump and get ready for a party - it's sure to be populated with other legends who want nothing more than to take you out.

Don't forget to check the loot tier before you start flying about; just because a spot may be easy to land doesn't always mean it's worth visiting. Vote on which locations you think are the best place to land in Apex Legends and get ready to take off!