The Top Must-See Attractions in Europe

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Museums, monuments, and other attractions in continental Europe or its islands - no broad cities or countries

This list of the best place to visit in Europe has all the top travel destinations in Europe for new and veteran travelers alike. Whether you're looking for places to visit with kids or the best tourist attractions on your honeymoon, this list has all the top places to visit in Europe.

Looking for the best monuments in Europe? They're on this list. Everything from Stonehenge to the Eiffel Tower are listed in this compilation of best things to see in Europe. Museums like the Hermitage and the Lourve, famous structures like the Colosseum and the Acropolis, and even fun diversions like the Tivoli and Loch Ness are on the list of top places to visit in Europe. If you don't find some of the best tourist attractions in Europe on this list, you might be in the wrong place!

What are the best places to visit in Europe? What are the best museums in Europe? What are the top tourist attractions in Europe? The answers to all these Europe travel questions are here in this list, ranked and voted on by users like you. If you're still looking for more travel tips while touring or backpacking Europe, look up some European travel blogs for ideas. Happy travels!
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