The Best PlayStation 2 Baseball Games

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Games don't have to be console exclusive, as long as they were released for PlayStation 2 at some point.

If you owned a PS2 at any time during your life, then it's safe to say there were probably a few baseball games in your collection. With so many great options to choose from, there was never a shortage of games to play for fans of the genre. Since some games were much better than others, we've decided to rank the best PS2 baseball games of all time.

This list features the most popular and best-selling baseball games that were released for the PlayStation 2. While many of these games were console exclusive, we're allowing non-exclusives to be a part of the list as well. This poll features classics like MVP baseball 2004 and All-Star baseball 2003.

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  • MVP Baseball 2005
    181 votes
    • Developer: EA Canada

    MVP Baseball 2005 for PS2 cranked out home runs with its immersive career mode, placing you in the shoes of a team owner. The gameplay was well rounded with a unique pitching and hitting system that took a little practice, but became intuitive over time. Its impact was undeniable, setting a high mark for sports simulations with its lush and detailed ball fields and outstanding depth of play.

  • MLB 06: The Show
    97 votes
    • Developer: SCE Studio San Diego, Sony Computer Entertainment

    MLB 06: The Show was hailed as a grand slam for its compelling Road to the Show mode where the zest lay in playing as an up-and-coming athlete. The gameplay struck a perfect balance between approachability for rookies and strategic depth for hardcore fans. With these enticing features, The Show quickly became the MVP of baseball simulators, raising the bar for future instalments.

  • MVP 06: NCAA Baseball
    59 votes

    MVP 06: NCAA Baseball knocked it out of the park with its novel inclusion of college baseball, providing a fresh storyline for players. Its innovative 'Load and Fire' bat swing mechanic made the gameplay both challenging and satisfying. This game played a great role in setting the stage for the successful MVP 07 NCAA Baseball.

  • MVP Baseball 2004
    73 votes
    • Developer: EA Sports

    MVP Baseball 2004 hit a solid line drive with its immersive franchise mode, letting players build a dynasty from scratch. With its engaging gameplay mechanics and stunning graphics for the time, it was easy to lose track of innings. This game had a lasting impact for its marked improvement in play control and overall design from its predecessor.

  • MLB Slugfest 20-03
    55 votes
    • Developer: Midway Games

    MLB Slugfest 20-03 stirred up a wild ruckus with its over-the-top, raucous approach to America's pastime. The gameplay was zany and fun, featuring punches, beanballs, and flaming fastballs. Its impact is seen in the way it influenced later games to incorporate 'arcade-like' elements for a change of pace.

  • MVP 07: NCAA Baseball
    32 votes
    • Developer: EA Canada

    MVP 07: NCAA Baseball pitched a no-hitter with its authentic replication of college baseball, offering a unique twist to the typical MLB narrative. The intuitive Rock and Fire pitching system elevated the gameplay, making every pitch a strategic decision. Its unique focus on collegiate sport was influential, showing that professional leagues weren't the only game in town.