The Best PS4 Games Of All Time, Ranked

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If you've recently purchased a PS4 and are wondering which titles you should pick up immediately, you've come to the right place. This is an ongoing poll of the best PlayStation 4 games that have been released so far, as voted on by other gamers and PS fanboys. It's been a long voyage for SONY, who is already on their fourth PlayStation console since the PS1 was released way back in 1994. Series regulars like Lara Croft, Rayman, and even Abe from Oddworld have gotten a major graphics upgrade with SONY's new baby.

The PS4 has found an ever-growing audience with masterful action titles like The Last of Us, simple, elegant games like Flower, and throwback-pixel adventures like Fez. Vote for the greatest PlayStation 4 games that have come out for the console so far. If your favorite game is missing, you can add it to the list so other people can vote on it too.

Photo: Final Fantasy VII Remake / Square Enix
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