Every PlayStation System, Ranked Best To Worst

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Now one of the biggest names in gaming, it's hard to believe that the first PlayStation was initially conceived to be an add-on to the Super Nintendo. For more than 25 years, Sony has been dominating the console wars. That said, some releases have been more popular than others. Whether you can chalk it up to bad luck, price gouging, lack of support, or just a finicky fanbase, this list ranks every PlayStation console ever made—including all the handheld ones—with your votes.

The PS4 may have upped the ante when it comes to Sony-only titles, but the original PlayStation and PS2 also have their fair share of epic exclusives. With the release of the PS5 drawing closer, check out all the PlayStation consoles over the last few decades ranked from the absolute best to the "worst", and vote up all the systems you loved the most.

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    Release: 2000

    Generation: Sixth

    Units Sold: 155 million

    Other Versions: Slimline PS2

    While the PlayStation changed the world of gaming and saw the releases of thousands of great titles, the PS2 was the console that really helped solidify Sony's legacy. Not only is it still technically the most commercially successful Sony system ever released (those 155 million sales don't lie), it was also one of the most revolutionary. The dual-shock controls and built-in DVD player helped pave the way for future platforms, and the PS2's library is nothing short of mammoth.

    Popular one-time exclusives like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty helped catapult the PS2's popularity, and while online functionality was actually an afterthought, Sony did include a WiFi adapter shortly after launch.

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    Release: 1994

    Generation: Fifth

    Units Sold: 102 million

    Other Versions: PS One, PlayStation Classic

    It's hard to believe that the original PlayStation was Sony's first foray into the console wars. Originally conceived as a joint project to create a CD-ROM add-on for the Super Nintendo, the PS1 was the first console to introduce discs in lieu of cartridges, giving developers more freedom to explore and create 3D worlds.

    While the N64 was traditionally marketing its games toward younger audiences, the PS1 took a more mature approach, churning out classics like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and more. With a record-breaking 7,918 games released on the PS1, it remains one of the most prolific consoles of all time.

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    Release: 2013

    Generation: Eighth

    Units Sold: 112 million (and counting)

    Other Versions: PlayStation 4 Slim, PlayStation 4 Pro

    Already one of the biggest-selling consoles of all time, the PlayStation 4 expanded on the PS3 in every conceivable way. By lowering the retail price and focusing on exclusive content, the PS4 features one of the broadest and most expansive libraries of any modern console.

    Games like Blood of War, Spider-ManThe Last of Us (1 and 2), and the Final Fantasy VII Remake helped elevate the PS4's gaming library, and subsequent releases like PS VR and the PS4 Pro are all partially to thank.

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    Release: 2006

    Generation: Seventh

    Units Sold: 87 million

    Other Versions: PlayStation 3 Slim, PlayStation 3 Super Slim

    Definitely on the lower end in terms of the sheer number of units sold, the PlayStation 3 continued the tradition set by the PS2 in that it featured a robust system with tight controls and very little thought given to its online network. While the initial MSRP was on the steeper side (the 20GB model was priced at $499.99 while the 60GB was set at $599), the PS3 still held a dedicated fanbase.

    While the PS3 didn't have nearly as many great console exclusives as the PS2 (or PS4 for that matter), it features one of Sony's biggest gaming libraries, with more than 1000 games released throughout its lifespan.

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    PlayStation Portable

    Release: 2005

    Generation: Seventh

    Units Sold: 82 million

    The Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS may have been extremely popular, but their graphics capabilities paled in comparison to the PlayStation Portable. As Sony's first stab at a handheld console, the PSP included dozens of great games and hidden gems (see our list on the most underrated PSP games for proof).

    Where other handheld consoles had scaled back on the sound and graphics to deliver fun (if not underwhelming) games, the PSP was every bit as sleek as any seventh-generation console. Games like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker are still as epic today.

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    PlayStation Vita

    Release: 2011

    Generation: Eighth

    Units Sold: N/A

    Never really taking off in the States, the PlayStation Vita was a certified hit in Japan. The system's hardware and software were nothing short of stunning, and while the system saw the release of plenty of great titles (including Persona 4: Golden), the high price of admission and general lack of support led to it all but flailing in the West.

    That said, the Vita is still regarded as one of the most impressive handheld consoles, and though sales weren't nearly as robust as the competition Nintendo handhelds, it's still a worthy addition to the Sony line.

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