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The Most Memorable 'Pocahontas' Quotes

8 May 2020 97 votes 30 voters25 items

Relive your favorite moments of the film with the best Pocahontas quotes. The '90s were a great time for Disney as it had officially entered into its Renaissance with such great films as The Lion KingBeauty and the Beast, and Pocahontas. The film portrays the fictionalized account of Pocahontas meeting John Smith and the rest of the Jamestown settlers. The movie has gone on to become a nostalgic classic despite being seen as somewhat problematic due to the real life story of Pocahontas. Even with that being the case, the best Pocahontas quotes can still be recited by Disney fans from across the globe.

There are numerous famous and funny Pocahontas lines throughout this list. There are even some Pocahontas quotes about love and nature. But which ones do you remember fondly from your childhood? Vote up all the quotes you could paint with all the colors of the wind.

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