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The Best Police Movies Streaming on Hulu

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The best police movies streaming on Hulu have everything you need to enjoy a criminally good film! From car chases to stick ups, to court cases and handcuffs, these police films on Hulu have it all. Some of the officers and detectives in these movies play it by the book. Others have a tendency to go rogue and get themselves into trouble. It's hard to tell the difference between the perps in the good guys in some of these films - lines can sometimes blur when you're dealing with the wrong side of the law. 

This is a truly international list, boasting films from Italy, China, the Dominican Republic and, of course, the United States. Among the best police movies streaming on Hulu, Island of Fire tops our list. It's a story of a cop that goes undercover in order to catch a killer. Complicit tells the story of an MI5 agent that tries to avert a terrorist attack, and Gone: The Disappearance of Aeryn Gillern is a documentary about a veteran New York police officer attempting to find her missing son.

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