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The Best Political Drama Movies, Ranked

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This list contains information on the best political drama movies, ranked from best to worst by user votes. The best political drama films come in many forms. Some good political dramas take place in the White House while other good political drama movies are set all around the world. Many of the best political drama movies have won awards.

What films will you find on this top political drama movies list? Frost/Nixon has to be near the top. This Ron Howard film examined the Watergate scandal through a series of interviews with David Frost (played by Michael Sheen) and Richard Nixon (Frank Langella). The 2008 movie was nominated for a total of five Academy Awards. All the President's Men is another good political drama.

Daniel Day Lewis disappeared into the role of the 16
th President of the United States when he played the title character in Lincoln. Other good political drama movies featured on this list include Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, JFK, and The Queen.

Do you have a favorite political drama movie? Vote the best films up to the top of this list, then check out our list of the best political movies.

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