The Best Political Songs of 2018

Politics has always been a common topic in music, and a select few songs from 2018 were no different. In fact, considering the ever-controversial year in politics it was, 2018 presented some very politically-charged new songs. While it may not be the 60s, still, a few artists made their voices heard—taking a stance on social issues and voicing the concerns of millions. So, what were the top political songs of 2018? And which ones were the very best?

For starters, Childish Gambino's "This is America" is certainly one of the best political songs of the year, especially with the accompanying music video. Gambino's hit even debuted at number one on Billboard's Hot 100. Drake also released his own protest song in 2018, entitled "Diplomatic Immunity", which dropped not long after a government shutdown. Kanye West also released his own political song featuring fellow rapper T.I., "Ye vs. the People". Clearly, rappers had something to say in 2018—and they said it.

For more popular political songs from the year, check out the complete list below. Vote up your favorite songs on social commentary and feel free to add the newest ones from 2018 to the list.