The Best Polo Shirt Brands

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Polo shirts used to only be found on the tennis and golf set (or on the collar-popping frat boy), but that's not the case anymore. Don't have a polo in your closet? Well, it's time to get on the trend. But before you go polo-crazy, check out our list of best polo shirt brands

To be classified as a "polo" shirt, a T-shirt needs to have a collar and a button or two at the collar. Pockets are optional, but style is a must. For a long time, dads and moms seemed to own the polo shirt trend, but that's not the case anymore! Then it seemed like the frat-boy took over the trend, but now dapper-looking hipsters aren't afraid to rock polo tees by Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, and Comme des Garçons.

Brands like Polo by Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers are iconic polo shirts for men and women going for a preppy, fashionable look. And some brands, like Penguin and Lacoste, are so popular, you know them by just their animal logo. For the sportier set that prefer to wear their polos on the golf links or tennis courts, Nike and Asics make lightweight, sweat-wicking shirts. 

Regardless of if you're a hipster, frat boy, mom, dad, tennis or golf player, or you just want to look a little more refined, there's a polo tee look for you. Check out our list of best polo shirt brands and vote up the brand that suits you the best!
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