The Best Pop Songs To Sing At Karaoke Night

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Here are the most popular pop songs for your next karaoke party. Karaoke nights tend to be more fun when everyone can sing along, so selecting pop music might be the way to go. What are your favorite pop songs to sing at karaoke? 

From classic artists to modern pop stars, you will find all the hits here. You can choose from a solo artist or find your favorite boy band and sing everyone's parts. Every single one is a crowd pleaser, and it doesn't matter if you aren't exactly the best singer in the world. The most important part is that you had fun. And with these songs, fun is in their DNA. 

As you flip through the bar's karaoke booklet, you can take out your phone to return to this list. You'll find plenty of good pop karaoke songs. If you need some inspiration, then think about the songs you can't help but sing along to when they come on the radio. Don't forget to vote for your favorites!

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