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Pop Music The Best Pop Songs of 2014  

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List Rules Only pop singles and charting songs officially released in 2014.

Catchy choruses. Infectious beats. Lyrics you love to sing along to. These are the ingredients for pop perfection. This list of the top pop songs of 2014 rounds up the best songs in pop music which took those elements and turned them into radio gold and Billboard topping perfection. The best pop stars released tracks that will surely go down as the best pop songs of all time, but all the tracks and singles on this list were definitely the best music of 2014, with many songs coming from the best albums of 2014.

We made room here for top-tier music stars like Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry, as well as out-of-nowhere hit-makers such as Sam Smith and Meghan Trainor. We also considered the changing landscape of pop. After all, an artist like Iggy Azalea blurs the lines between pop, dance, and hip hop. And don't forget about the likes of Charli XCX and Ed Sheeran, who offer up their own alternative brand of pop. That said, we had to draw the line somewhere, so if a major track was too influenced by another genre like rock, EDM or hip hop, it didn't make the cut.

So, do you think Taylor Swift, who made her country to pop transition in 2014, deserves a last-minute win for "Blank Space"? Or should the victory go to a song that most of us have had on repeat for months now, like "Fancy"? Which 2014 hit best defines the year in pop? Cast your votes below and let the world of pop music know which bubbly pop tracks you enjoyed the most in 2014.
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Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift

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lifeismusic added Onur Özsu

Pop Singer, Popular music, Onur Ozsu, Kontes

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lyndyloo added Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

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Ed Sheeran

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Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea

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rajatkumar2024322 added Katy Perry

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Jessi J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj

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Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne

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Sam Smith

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Ed Sheeran

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MikeGee added Bastille

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Ariana Grande ft. Zedd

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Charli XCX

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MikeGee added Echosmith

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MikeGee added John Legend

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MikeGee added MAGIC!

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One Direction

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Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX

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MikeGee added Passenger

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Maroon 5

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Meghan Trainor