The Best Pop Songs of 2017

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Though there were many great musicians who died in 2017, the pop music landscape of continues to evolve and push boundaries. The best pop songs of 2017 reflect how pop music is shifting into an era where production makes as much an impact as the singer themselves. To be a part of pop music in 2017, artists typically need to put a catchy set of synths or basslines beneath their vocals. In addition to on point production, 2017's best songs also capture the language and attitudes of today's pop culture. Because of this, many 2017 pop songs sound a little bit sadder than the uplifting car jams of years past. If you love pop music, cast your vote for the best pop songs of 2018 as well. 

Some vets make this list, such as critical darling Carly Rae Jepsen, party girl-turned-rocker Kesha, and pop music genius Charli XCX. But among these seasoned acts, a crop of fledgling singers and songwriters rises to the occasion, carried along by driving percussion and vibrant synthesizers. Taylor Swift notably released new music in 2017 as well, going full pop, to mixed results.

All-in-all, pop music in 2017 appears to be in a good place with exciting and catchy artists all trying to earworm themselves into your Spotify and Apple Music playlists. If these acts keep it up, they may just land themselves among the ranks of pop's most beloved acts.

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  • Havana


    181 votes
  • New Rules

    New Rules

    161 votes
  • Sorry Not Sorry

    Sorry Not Sorry

    159 votes
  • Something Just Like This

    Something Just Like This

    173 votes
  • What About Us

    What About Us

    147 votes
  • Green Light

    Green Light

    143 votes