The Best Pop Songs of 2018

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UPDATED: Check out the best new pop songs of 2019!

Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, and Selena Gomez are just a few of the biggest names of 2018 pop music. Each year, a variety of unique songs and sounds make their way onto the Billboard pop charts. The best 2018 pop songs are fun, catchy, and have an appeal that resonates with a mass audience. Which 2018 pop songs are your favorites? Cast your vote below for the best songs of 2018 in the pop category. If you're looking for more new music, check out the best rap songs of 2018 and the best EDM songs of the year. Or for something completely different, here are the best indie songs of 2018

This list of new pop music covers the top pop songs of 2018. While all these songs are great, only one can be the best pop song of the year. Out of all the popular 2018 songs below, which one was your personal favorite? Vote for the best new 2018 songs below. If there are any recent pop songs that are missing, feel free to add them. Keep checking back since this list us often updated with new popular songs.

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