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Whether you are blasting them on your headphones, blasting them in your car, or jamming out to them at a party, pop songs always manage to lighten up the mood and bring an immaculate vibe any and everywhere they are played. They're called pop songs for a good reason, they are popular, and the masses just cant seem to get these wonderful songs out of their head. Giving audiences some amazing messages, incredible beats, or simply something to get their minds off of everything going on in the world, the best pop songs of 2023 give listeners an escape from reality into a wonderful world of fantasy.

From the hottest pop stars in the business like Miley Cyrus providing fans with the breakup banger of the century with “Flowers” to the brightest rising up-and-coming stars like Kim Petras experimenting and bringing new life to the genre with her hit “brr,” the pop music scene is thriving. With catchy earworms that will stick in your brain for weeks to strange and experimental songs looking to define the next wave of popularity, the range of incredible songs in the genre is off the charts, and with so many albums and singles still on the way, things are only going to get better and better as the year goes on.

Vote up the best pop songs of 2023, and be sure to check back every week as we are constantly adding the best and brightest new songs to jam out to on your headphones.

Latest additions: Barbie World (ft. Aqua), JOY (Unspeakable) (ft. Pharrell Williams), TUYA
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  • TUYA


    33 votes
  • All of The Girls You Loved Before

    All of The Girls You Loved Before

    Taylor Swift
    25 votes
  • Double Fantasy (ft. Future)

    Double Fantasy (ft. Future)

    The Weeknd
    23 votes
  • Chemical


    Post Malone
    23 votes
  • mine


    Kelly Clarkson
    19 votes
  • Flowers


    Miley Cyrus
    39 votes