The Best Pop Music Trios Of All Time

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Here are the greatest trios in pop music history. While they have changed their lineups over the years, these famous pop groups are best known for being trios at some point in their career. From talented female trios like Destiny's Child and HAIM, to older groups such as the Bee Gees and A-ha, here are the most popular trios in pop music history.

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Most divisive: Jonas Brothers
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  • Bee Gees
    327 votes

    Known for their captivating harmonies and falsetto vocals, this trio of brothers boasted a career that spanned five decades and cemented them as pop icons. Pioneers of the disco era, their musicianship and songwriting abilities went beyond their dance hits, showcasing a range of styles from ballads to R&B. Their distinctive sound and undeniable influence can still be felt in the music of countless contemporary artists today.

  • The Supremes
    207 votes

    This female vocal group revolutionized the 1960s with their timeless blend of pop and soul, setting a new standard for girl groups and breaking down racial barriers along the way. With a string of chart-topping hits and polished stage presence, they were a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Even after their peak success, their impact on fashion, femininity, and female empowerment continues to inspire generations of fans and artists alike.

  • The Police
    218 votes

    Fusing punk, reggae, and rock elements in a groundbreaking way, this British trio brought a unique energy to the pop scene while also showcasing their musicianship through intricate arrangements and clever songwriting. With charismatic frontman Sting leading the charge, their global success was palpable, transcending cultural boundaries and setting the stage for many alternative acts that followed. Despite a short-lived run together, their influence can still be felt throughout the music world today.

  • A legendary trio that helped define the psychedelic rock era, their virtuosic musicianship and electrifying live performances pushed the boundaries of rock music in the late '60s. Led by guitar icon Jimi Hendrix, the group incorporated blues, R&B, and experimental sounds into their genre-defying hits, inspiring countless musicians across various styles. Though short-lived, their impact on popular music and guitar technique is still celebrated today.

  • Destiny's Child

    Combining powerhouse vocals, infectious melodies, and a fierce sense of unity, this all-female R&B group dominated the late '90s and early 2000s with their addictive blend of pop, hip-hop, and gospel. The trio's undeniable chemistry and impeccable harmonies were matched only by their empowering messages and commanding stage presence. Beyond their chart-topping hits, the group propelled its members – notably Beyoncé – into successful solo careers, solidifying their status as icons of the genre.

  • TLC
    240 votes

    Widely regarded as one of the most influential girl groups of all time, these three trailblazing women blended hip-hop, R&B, and pop to create a sound uniquely their own. Their catchy hooks, tight harmonies, and provocative lyrics challenged societal norms and broke barriers in the music industry. The group's fearless approach to tackling important issues, combined with their undeniable talent, helped them leave a lasting legacy on contemporary pop culture.