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All Popchip Flavors, Ranked Best to Worst

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Even celebrities like Katy Perry and Ashton Kutcher know that the best Popchips flavors are made with the healthiest intentions in mind. Instead of being deep fried and greasy, Popchips are heated in a pressurized chamber until they "pop," giving each potato chip a unique texture and flavor. They are then lightly dusted with delicious herbs and spices to bring you the best Popchips flavors imaginable. As Ashton Kutcher's advertisement said, Popchips are "never baked, but perfect if you are."

The best Popchip flavors include: Sea Salt Popchips, Tuscan Herb Veggie Popchips, Ranch Tortilla Popchips, Tomato Basil Rice Popchips, Barbeque Popchips, Sea Salt and Vinegar Popchips, Chilli Lemon Tortilla Popchips, Sour Cream and Onion Popchips, Hint of Olive Oil Veggie Popchips, Cheddar and Sour Cream Popchips, and Nacho Cheese Tortilla Popchips. Katy Perry even designed her own Popchips flavor - Katy's Kettle Corn.  

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