The 100 Best Beers From Portland, Ranked

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Vote up the top beers brewed in or near Portland, Oregon.

The top beers in Portland are proof of why the city is considered one of the premier beer cities in the country. There are over 120 breweries in the city, each of which has their own unique beers to sample. Whether you want something light and fruity or dark and hoppy, there are options for every palate. The best beer in Portland is just waiting to be tasted, so use this list as your guide when you plan on bar hopping.

Breweries like Great Notion Brewing, Hair of the Dog, and Upright Brewing Company are home to some of the most popular beer in Portland, and many of these Portland beer brands are known for their variety and options like ales, lagers, and stouts. Of course Portland IPA is the standout among beer fans, with Mothership, Confluence, and Empire Apple Brut some of the most well known.

This Portland beers list will reflect some famous Portland beer people will be familiar with, but it will also offer some less familiar Portland craft beer that beer fans should try out next. If you plan to visit sometime soon, check out this list to find some of the best breweries in Portland you can stop by on your trip. 

So vote up the best Portland-brewed beer, then head over and check out some beers from other parts of the country, such as Michigan and Texas.