The Best Portland Trail Blazers of All Time

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Who are the best Portland Trail Blazers of all time? The only major sports franchise in Rip City, the Trail Blazers have been a source of civic pride in Portland since its inception in 1970. The Blazers notoriously have the worst draft luck in the NBA. But it wasn't always that way. Though the team had solid players in its early years, no one would could compare to when the team draft Bill Walton. The UCLA star is considered one of the best centers ever. Along with the addition of Maurice Lucas, the Blazers became one of the best teams in the NBA. Portland won the NBA championship in 1977 and seemed like it was on the cusp of a dynasty until Walton broke his foot. Then the team made a huge mistake in drafting Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan in 1984, and the rest is history since. Who are the greatest Portland Trail Blazers of all time? Which Trail Blazers do you love?

Hall of Fame guard Clyde Drexler led the team in the 1980s and players like Terry Porter and Jerome Kersey were other excellent players who contributed to those winning teams. The end of the 1990s saw the team's next wave of success behind All Star power forward Rasheed Wallace and center Arvydas Sabonis. In recent years, Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum have been stalwarts for the franchise, with role players like Jusuf Nurkic and Robert Covington chipping in. 

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  • Damian Lillard
    Point guard
    2,607 votes
    • Birthplace: Oakland, California

    As the undisputed leader of the current Portland Trail Blazers squad, Damian Lillard's ice-cold clutch shots and memorable buzzer-beaters have solidified him as a franchise icon. His unwavering loyalty to the Blazers and efforts to build a championship contender around his skills exemplify true leadership on and off the court. Dame's explosive speed and remarkable shooting range, coupled with his tenacity and determination, make him not only one of Portland's all-time greats but also a perennial force in the league.

  • Clyde Drexler
    Shooting guard
    2,210 votes
    • Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana

    Clyde "The Glide" Drexler soared to fame as one of the most electrifying and skillful shooting guards of his generation, leaving an indelible mark on the NBA landscape through his time with the Trail Blazers. Drexler's unmatched athleticism and graceful style, peppered with acrobatic dunks and smooth finishes around the rim, earned him a place in the pantheon of Portland legends. His relentless scoring ability, combined with his dedication to the game, established Clyde as the face of the franchise during much of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

  • Bill Walton
    1,615 votes
    • Birthplace: La Mesa, California

    Arguably the most iconic big man in Portland Trail Blazers history, Bill Walton's impact on the team and the league as a whole speaks volumes about his undeniable talent. Walton's relentless work ethic and commitment to the team, particularly during their 1977 championship run, underscored his significance within the organization. Known for his incredible court vision and timing as both a dominant shot blocker and passer, Walton's unique skill set revolutionized the role of the center position and left a lasting legacy in Rip City.

  • Brandon Roy
    Point guard
    1,287 votes
    • Birthplace: Seattle, Washington

    An exceptional talent whose career was sadly cut short by injuries, Brandon Roy's brief but impactful tenure with the Blazers is still remembered with admiration. Roy's knack for taking over games in crunch time and his versatility as a scorer and playmaker left fans in awe, securing his place as one of Portland's most beloved players. Despite the premature end to his promising career, Roy's contributions and passion for the game continue to resonate with Trail Blazers fans.

  • C. J. McCollum
    Shooting guard
    1,044 votes
    • Birthplace: Canton, Ohio

    As Damian Lillard's trusted sidekick, C.J. McCollum has developed a reputation for being a lethal scorer and a remarkable ball-handler, making him a fundamental component of Portland's potent backcourt duo. McCollum's smooth offensive capabilities, including his precise mid-range game and crafty finishes around the rim, have made him a fixture on the Blazers' roster. Together with Dame, C.J.'s never-say-die attitude and unshakeable confidence have helped transform the Trail Blazers into perennial playoff contenders.

  • Arvydas Sabonis
    1,127 votes
    • Birthplace: Lithuania, Kaunas

    Despite joining the NBA in the latter stages of his storied career, Arvydas Sabonis still managed to leave an indelible mark on the Portland Trail Blazers with his outstanding skill and basketball IQ. Sabonis's uncanny passing ability, coupled with his versatile scoring prowess, made him a matchup nightmare for opposing teams and a fan favorite in Rip City. The Lithuanian giant's unique blend of size, finesse, and vision revolutionized the center position and endeared him to the hearts of Trail Blazers fans.