The Best TV Shows Set In Portland

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If you love the quirky Pacific Northwest then you're in luck because Portland a very popular setting for a television series. It's not just that it's considered one of the most crunchy, hipster cities in the US, but Portland’s small size and proximity to both big cities like Seattle and incredibly rural forests offer unique locations to tell a tale. If you're from Portland and are missing home (or the rain) or are curious about how the most easily stereotyped city on the West coast is portrayed on-screen, this list of the best shows set in Portland can be your tour guide.

Portland as a setting is fun because it can be so many things. You can have a straightforward procedural like Leverage set in Portland, or something as fantastical as Grimm or The Librarians - and both can accurately and interestingly depict the unique buildings, neighborhoods, and cultures that define Portland. You can even have a show starring a puppet, like Disney’s Crash & Bernstein and it honestly makes sense. Comic book series like Stumptown seem to work in Portland, thanks to the area also being a hub for indie comic book publishers. The over the top hipster that seems so uniquely Portland is also skewered with series like Portlandia.

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