The Best Portuguese Shows On Netflix

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Netflix Portuguese series were some of the first non-English language Netflix originals and now include everything from thrillers to sitcoms. Whether they're from Brazil or Portugal itself, this list ranks the best Portuguese Netflix shows, making it easier to find what Portuguese shows you're looking for.

The Portuguese sci-fi thriller 3% was not only the first Portuguese-language Netflix original series but was also its second non-English language show. The series about a deeply stratified dystopian future ran for four seasons. Other Brazilian thrillers on Netflix include the teen crime drama Sintonia and the dark fantasy series Invisible City. Other great Netflix Portuguese shows include comedies like Smother-In-Law or Back to 15, and even period dramas such as Girls From Ipanema.

Whatever your favorite type of Portuguese shows, you can find them on Netflix, check them out and vote up the best.

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