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The Best Post-Apocalyptic Manga

Updated November 3, 2020 8.5k votes 1.7k voters 65.5k views37 items

The apocalypse is a subject that's both thrilling and terrifying, and the best post-apocalyptic manga capitalize on both. If you can't stop thinking about the end of the world, use this list to help you find new manga about living in a wasteland.

Chances are, you already know about Attack on Titan, a wildly popular posy-apocalyptic manga that details life after giant, man-eating monsters drive humanity into small cities protected by walls. You may not have heard of Alive- The Final Evolution, a lesser-known manga that details the spread of a strange phenomenon where those afflicted either take their own lives, or evolve to the next stage of humanity. From well-known favorites to underrated works of art, there's plenty of great post-apocalyptic manga to choose from. 

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