The Best Post Malone Songs

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Only songs with Post Malone as the lead artist.

The best Post Malone songs get stuck in your head and refuse to leave. The popular hip-hop artist has had three No. 1 singles, and each new Post Malone song is an event for fans. With two albums, a mixtape, and a handful of other songs, this list goes deeper than just the Post Malone singles. All Post Malone songs deserve to be in the conversation.

Songs like "Rockstar," "Psycho," and "Sunflower" are modern cultural touchstones that have gone multi-platinum all over the world, but old Post Malone songs like "White Iverson" and "Too Young" are proof that even the deep cuts are highly entertaining and listenable.

So check out this Post Malone song list, and vote up the tracks you want to hear over and over. Which ones will stand the test of time, and which ones are you already forgetting? Then head over and check out the best songs featuring Post Malone.

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