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The Best Posters in the Background on Gilmore Girls

Since the Gilmore Girls revival has been announced there’s been no shortage of Gilmore Girls related content available. From rankings of the best episodes to endless debates concerning Rory’s love life, we’ve had it all. But you know what hasn't gotten its time in the spotlight? The décor! Most specifically, the posters in the background of Gilmore Girls, which range from unique and interesting to plain weird. 

For instance, did you know that both Lane and Rory had a poster of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11? Or that Paris has a soft spot for Noam Chomsky? Even Luke displays an impressive selection of vintage ads in his diner, and we know very well he’s not one for decorating. Most of the posters from Gilmore Girls emphasize certain characters’ hobbies or passions – from Rory’s PJ Harvey poster to Miss Patty’s Steinlen art print. We’ve gathered the best of the best below. 

  • 1. Luke's Infamous "No Cell Phones" Poster

    Photo: The WB
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  • 2. A Banned Books Poster, Because There Was a Lot of Reading Involved

    Photo: The CW
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  • 3. Don't Forget to Salute the Chicken, People!

    Photo: The WB
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  • 4. Motivational Posters Are Fun Only When Jess Stands Next to Them

    Photo: The WB
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