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The Best Power Rangers Games Ever Made

Go go Power Rangers games! With over two decades of morphin' video games to choose from, it's time to finally answer the impossible question: What are the best Power Rangers games ever made? There are a whole bunch of games about Power Rangers, and with your votes, this list will rank them from best to worst.

This list of Power Rangers games covers more genres and styles than you might think. For a time-traveling adventure game, look no further than Power Rangers Time Force. How about a side-scrolling brawler? Then 1994's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is your jam. For a simple racing game, there's even Power Rangers Zeo: Battle Racers.

Zordon's counting on you to vote up your favorites on this list of the best Power Rangers video games! Your votes determine the list order, so be careful which games you upvote and downvote. 

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