The 15 Greatest Sudden Power Reveals In Anime, Ranked

Sometimes what matters the most isn't what an anime power is, but how it's revealed. Some of the best anime power reveals are great because they're unexpected. Maybe it's a seemingly useless and cowardly character like Zenitsu from Demon Slayer finally displaying their true worth, or maybe it's a character we know is badass like Goku or Ichigo still managing to astonish despite having a proven track record. Either way, it's not what you're expecting - or maybe it is, but it's satisfying - or terrifying - all the same. 

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  • Gojo Satoru Of 'Jujutsu Kaisen' Shows Off Infinity...And His Beautiful Eyes
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    The power that Gojo Satoru revealed in his battle against Jogo wasn't the fact that he has the most beautiful eyes outside of a shojo anime, though that also probably counts. But no, the power he debuted is called Infinity, or Mugen. By creating an untouchable infinite space between himself and his opponent, he makes it impossible for anything to touch him. It's the ultimate defense, and no one had any idea it existed.

  • We all know how strong Rock Lee is - now. But when he was competing in the Chuunin Exams, he seemed less like a serious threat and more like a comic relief character. When he took off the weights he always used for strength training and dropped them on the ground, he created a blast with their sheer mass. After that, he started zooming around the room, showing off the taijutsu he'd been honing up until then.  When he opened the Fifth Gate and used his most powerful attack Reverse Lotus, he nearly won and might have done so if he weren't up against a powerhouse like Gaara - and if he hadn't put so much strain on his body that he lost consciousness. 

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    Escanor's Daytime Self Is Unleashed In 'The Seven Deadly Sins'

    When we first meet Escanor, he's a meek little man who doesn't look like he could take anyone in a fight. That's why his introduction - and the introduction of his signature ability, Sunshine - is so cool. The first time you encounter it, his transformation into a buff badass is totally unexpected. The scorching power of his magic lets him burn Melascula alive in order to avoid having his soul snatched, and his increased strength lets him slice through Galand like butter.

  •  Zenitsu Agatsuma Is Braver Than He Looks In 'Demon Slayer'
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    Zenitsu Agatsuma spends most of the series whining, screaming, and complaining, so it's a real shock to find out what sort of strength he has beneath the fear. But when he passes out from fear, his body operates on his own, and he's able to use Thunder Breathing. We see this fist when he's fighting a demon in Tsuzumi Mansion, but he really shows off the first step to its fullest when fighting a spider demon who nearly turns him into a spider moments before. Who says cowards can't be impressive?