The Best Pre-Mixed Margaritas

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Looking for a quality margarita in a bottle? You've come to the right place. There’s nothing quite better than a refreshing margarita in the middle of a warm, lazy summer’s day to unwind after lounging in the sun for all afternoon. Margaritas are essential to go with a delicious Mexican meal or simply as a treat. But you can't always go to the cantina to get your fix, which is when a prepared margarita mix comes in handy. A store bought margarita mix is great when you're craving the tangy beverage, but don't want to leave the comforts of your home. Whether it’s a sugar-rimmed or salt-lined glass you’re craving, this list of the best pre-mixed margaritas will help you quench your thirst.

A margarita is a lime or lemon-based, crisply refreshing mixed drink that usually has a tequila base. It is often blended with other fruit mixers - like strawberry or mango - for an even better flavor! Enjoy this perfect summertime beverage frozen or on the rocks. If you want a pre-bottled margarita that comes with alcohol included, this list has you covered. Featuring top rated premade margarita brands and more, this list has it all. 

This list contains the best and most popular types of pre-mixed margaritas, including: Lulu B., Lounge, Urban Thirst, Jose Cuervo Golden, Bob and Stacy's, Smosh, Burnett's, Stirrings, Mr. & Mrs. T, Williams-Sonoma - Key Lime, Master of Mixes, and Jose Cuervo.

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