The Best Pregnancy Apps

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The Best apps on iPhones and Androids for pregnancy information

This list of the best pregnancy apps is your first step to a tech enabled pregnancy. While a baby book can still be a good pregnancy companion, in the age of tablets and smart phones, having all your baby planning essentials at your fingertips with the top apps for pregnancy is far more convenient. With a good pregnancy app, you can take a little stress of out pregnancy which is why we've compiled all the top apps for moms-to-be right here in this list of the best apps for pregnancy.

This list of the greatest pregnancy apps includes the best pregnancy apps for iPhone, the top Android pregnancy apps, pregnancy apps for Windows phones, the greatest Blackberry apps for pregnancy, and all the best free pregnancy apps. And because women aren't always the only ones involved with a pregnancy, this list of apps for pregnancy also include the best pregnancy apps for dads (to help them cope, deal, and be less clueless about the baby on the way).

What are the best pregnancy apps for moms to be? What are the greatest apps for pregnant women? What are the apps I need to get through a pregnancy? This list of the greatest apps for pregnant women is here to give you a leg up (or two legs when it gets to that point) on your pregnancy. If you don't see your favorite app for pregnancy on the list, make sure to add it to the list of the greatest apps for pregnant women. Who knows what other mom-to-be will benefit from the app that got you through your pregnancy?

If you're still feeling a little crazy and overwhelmed even after you've had a look through all the paid and free pregnancy apps, have a look at the craziest women to make the news and reassure yourself that at least you're having a better pregnancy than some women.
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  • IPregnancy
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  • BabyCenter
    36 votes
  • BabyFace
    34 votes


  • My Labor Bags
    13 votes

    My Labor Bags

  • Stage 1
    23 votes

    Stage 1

  • Baby Checklist
    19 votes

    Baby Checklist