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The Best Premade Families That Came with the Sims Games

List RulesPremade, stock families that came with any of the Sims games. Vote up the ones you most enjoyed playing as (or doing horrible things to).

There are two types of The Sims players: those who spend three hours creating the perfect family but only actually play the game for 15 minutes, and those who want to get straight to the gameplay. Luckily for the latter, the game came with all kinds of premade families of Sims, ready to be killed in a fire.

Some of these families spanned all four basic versions of the game (no expansion packs necessary!), while some made brief but memorable experiences in one game. Some were already settled in a furnished mansion with existing jobs, while some awaited your expert, Godlike ideas to come into their own.

Whether you're a die-hard The Sims fan or an occasional player (do those even exist?), you've probably given at least one pre-made The Sims family a spin around Pleasantville. Which was your favorite? Whose story do you find yourself most drawn to? From the Newbies to the Capps and Montys to the Goths, these are the best pre-made families in The Sims computer games.

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    The Goth Family

    Photo: Electronic Arts

    The Fam: Bella and Mortimer, with their children Cassandra and Alexander, and Mortimer's parents Cornelia and Gunther.

    Probably the most famous of the premade Sim families, the Goth Family's roots extend over every game. We first meet them in The Sims, where they live in a medium-sized house with a large graveyard (foreshadowing!).

    If you treated yourself to The Sims: Unleashed, you met Mortimer's parents Gunther and Cornelia as well. They returned in The Sims 2, this time flush with cash and living in a beautiful home.

    In The Sims 3 (which you'll remember as a prequel to The Sims), you can play as the eccentric Cornelia and Gunther as they raise a young Mortimer.

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    The Pleasant Family

    Photo: Electronic Arts

    The Fam: Jeff and Diane; their daughter Jennifer; and their son Daniel, with his wife Mary-Sue and daughters Angela and Lillith.

    We first meet the Pleasant Family in The Sims. On the surface they seem the stereotypically perfect family: two parents, two kiddos, and a dog. But when we meet them again in The Sims 2, that facade is shattered. 

    We find that an adult Daniel Pleasant (a child in The Sims) is having an affair with the maid and his marriage to Mary-Sue is crumbling. Their twin daughters, Angela and Lillith, each have their own set of issues as well.

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    The Broke Family

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    The Fam: Brandi, with her children Dustin and Beau.

    With a name like "Broke" it's unsurprising that this The Sims 2 family is in dire financial straits. Brandi Broke - daughter of Bob and Bettie Newbie from The Sims - was recently widowed by Skip Broke, leaving her to care for two children with one on the way. Teen son Dustin is beginning to act rebelliously, but his job is the family's only source of income at the beginning of the game, and their funds aren't enough to support a growing family.

    When you begin playing as this family, their only possession is an empty pizza box.

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    The Caliente Family

    Photo: Electronic Arts

    The Fam: sisters Dina and Nina.

    Twin sisters Dina and Nina Caliente only appear in The Sims 2. They conveniently come to town when Bella Goth disappears, and Dina seems to take a special interest in the particularly wealthy (and particularly old) Mortimer Goth. Meanwhile, Nina is interested in neighbor Don Lothario, but doesn't know he also has a relationship with her sister.

    Neither of them have a job and when you first play them, they're running low on funds. Might that have anything to do with Dina's interest in Mortimer?

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