The Best Premier League Players Of 2023



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The English Premier League is one of the most prestigious and competitive leagues in the world with some of the most jaw-dropping talent the game of soccer has ever seen, and in 2023, the best players in the world are showing up, showing out, and absolutely dominating the EPL like never before. With masterful midfielders, stunning strikers, and glorious goalies all making highlight play after highlight play, the best Premier League players of 2023 outshine even the highest classes that came before them.

Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne aren't simply two of the best players in the EPL, they are some of the greatest talents the game of soccer has ever seen who are both dominating the league playing for Manchester City. Of course, while the top two are seemingly in a class of their own, the rest of the league is quickly catching up to them. Young up-and-comers Bukayo Saka and Miguel Almirón are looking to prove their worth night in and night out, while grizzled vets Bernardo Silva and Harry Kane are showing that the older guys still have what it takes to be some of the greatest players in the Premier League.  

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Most divisive: Bruno Fernandes

  • Erling Haaland
    Photo: mancity / instagram
    724 votes

    A hulking beast of a man, Erling Haaland is one of the greatest pure scorers the Premier League has ever seen. Haaland is the next generation of soccer players who will be the talk of the sports world for decades to come, as he is truly the whole package, having speed, strength, and athleticism. Finally able to play on the big stage in Manchester City, Haaland is taking the world by storm, and instantly becoming a legend in the league.

    • Birthplace: Leeds, England
    • Team: Manchester City
    • Position: Striker
  • Kevin De Bruyne
    Photo: Manchester City
    536 votes

    A sensation in the Premier League, Belgium-born Kevin De Bruyne is proving his case as the best midfielder in all of soccer right alongside his stellar teammate Erling Haaland. With lightning-quick speed and a genius IQ, Bruyne is peaking at the right time in his career, as at 32 years of age, he has become the perfect and ideal second option in the league, and would be a first option on nearly any other team.

    • Birthplace: Drongen, Belgium
    • Team: Manchester City
    • Position: Midfielder
  • Martin Ødegaard
    Photo: Arsenal
    566 votes

    Martin Ødegaard

    Martin Odegaard is a new generation of soccer player who is consistently thinking two or even three steps ahead. Taking every available opportunity to advance a play, break lines, or cut opponents out of a play, Odegaard's greatest strength is undoubtedly his mind. Arguably the smartest player in the entire EPL, Odegaard is just as dangerous with the ball as he is without it, as he consistently sets both himself and his teammates up for success.

    • Birthplace: Drammen, Norway
    • Team: Arsenal
    • Position: Attacking midfielder
  • Bukayo Saka
    Photo: Arsenal
    563 votes

    At just 21 years old, Bukayo Saka is proving to be the next generational talent in the Premier League, and his rise to superstardom has been otherworldly. A leader on and off the field for Arsenal, Saka has demonstrated brilliant IQ, masterful creativity, and an unrelenting need to attack on offense. A Saka has arguably the highest ceiling of any player on this list, and at just 21 years old, he has plenty of time to reach his potential.

    • Birthplace: Ealing, England
    • Team: Arsenal
    • Position: Winger
  • Harry Kane
    Photo: Tottenham
    370 votes

    Harry Kane may have had a bit of a down year by his high expectations in 2022, however, even in a down year, Kane is still easily one of the best players the Premier League has to offer. Throughout the last 4 years, Kane has managed to more than doubling his scoring and assisting from the previous season, as Kane seems to be re-invigorated with Tottenham Hotspur. A bounce back season is surely in the works for Kane, and if he can get back to his stellar level, he could easily be one of the best in the league.

    • Birthplace: Chingford, London, England
    • Team: Tottenham Hotspur
    • Position: Forward
  • Mohamed Salah
    Photo: Liverpool / Instagram
    324 votes

    Mohamed Salah

    Over the last three seasons, Mohamed Salah has been on fire in the Premier League, leading Liverpool to becoming one of the top consistent threats in the League once again. As he continues to show a brilliance in passing the ball and a genius IQ for the game as a whole, Salah has begun striking fear in the hearts of defenses with a brilliant offensive repertoire, and smack in the peak of his prime, he is only going to be getting better from here on out.

    • Birthplace: Basyoun, Egypt
    • Team: Liverpool
    • Position: Forward