The Best Prep Schools in New England

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Upvote the greatest prep schools located in the New England region of the United States. Day schools only.

A list of the absolute best New England prep schools, ranked by the community's votes. The list includes prep schools in MA (Massachusetts), the best private schools in CT (Connecticut), and NH prep schools (New Hampshire). What is a prep school? The term is short for college preparation, meant to prepare its students for college coursework, and is a type of second education institution. Boarding schools in New England are also popular, but this list focuses on day schools. Private high school rankings can be an important factor for parents deciding between New England independent schools. 

This list has the most popular prep schools in New England region of the Northeastern United States, and includes related images and location information. Choosing a school for one's child is one of the most important choices a parent can make. What are the absolute best prep schools in New England?

Many of the most elite prep schools are famous for both excellence in academics and their historical origins. This list features the New England prep schools, based on the number of votes cast for each institution. Your votes can help determine the ranking. On the list of New England college prep schools are The Albany Academy, Canterbury School, Kent School, The Marvelwood School, Berkshire School, Landmark School, Taft School, and Darrow School. 
Cast your votes for the best New England prep schools below, or add a prep school you think is great, as long as it is located in New England and does not already appear on the list. Another list references the top prep schools in the US, as well as world's best preparatory schools. Also, check out the list of celebs who attended boarding school.


Most divisive: Kent School
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  • Phillips Academy
    640 votes
    Independent school, Day school, Boarding school
    Andover, MA
  • Adam Sandler's School For The Gifted
    219 votes

    Adam Sandler's School For The Gifted

    Adamsville, MA -- "Turning big boys into little men since 1966"

  • The Hotchkiss School
    241 votes
    Independent school, Boarding school
  • Taft School
    614 votes
    Mixed-sex education, Private school, Boarding school
    Watertown, CT
  • Kent School
    702 votes
    Private school, Boarding school
    Kent, CT
  • Deerfield Academy
    512 votes
    Independent school, Private school, Boarding school
    Deerfield, MA