The Best Prep Schools in the U.S.

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The absolute best college prep schools in the United States, ranked by the community's votes. This list has the most popular prep schools located in America, and includes related images and location information. Choosing a school for one's child is one of the most important choices a parent can make. What are the most famous prep schools in the U.S.?

This list features the absolute best prep schools in the United States. The schools are listed Based on the number of votes cast for each institution and your votes can help determine the order. Included are schools such as Roxbury Latin School, Brearley School, Trinity School, Horace Mann School, Winsor School, The College Preparatory School, Collegiate School, Spence School, Harvard Westlake School, Dalton School, Regis High School, Chapin School and Princeton Day School.

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Most divisive: Harvard-Westlake School
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  • Harvard-Westlake School
    55 votes

    Harvard-Westlake School

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School
    35 votes
    New York, NY
  • Lakeside School
    57 votes
    Private school
    Seattle, WA
  • Roxbury Latin School
    53 votes

    Roxbury Latin School

    Boston, MA
  • Boston University Academy
    22 votes

    Boston University Academy

    Boston, MA
  • National Cathedral School
    33 votes

    National Cathedral School

    Washington, DC