The Best Preppy Clothing Brands

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Preppy style is set apart by its bold colors, classic lines, and polished details. These clothing companies have mastered that look. But even within that one distinctive style, preppy clothing can come in a lot of different forms. Some good prep apparel is designed with a sportier look for active consumers, while other good preppy clothing is best suited for semi-formal or formal occasions. Many of the best preppy clothing brands make items that are staples in everyone's wardrobe.

What companies will you find on this list of the best preppy clothing brands? Lacoste has been associated with preppy style since it was founded in 1933. Its iconic crocodile logo was inspired by founder René Lacoste, who was known as “The Crocodile” for his impressive skills on the tennis court. Tommy Hilfiger is another iconic company that makes preppy clothes. When it comes to a classic preppy suit, Brooks Brothers is the go-to brand for timeless looks. Other great manufacturers featured on this top preppy clothing brands list include Vineyard Vines, Calvin Klein, and Barbour.

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