It's Time To Hunt Down The Best 'Prey' Quotes

The best quotes from Prey prove why it's such a great sci-fi action movie. Amber Midthunder offers an amazing performance as Naru along with Dakota Beavers who plays her older brother and accomplished Comanche hunter. There are plenty of great one-liners, memorable quotes, and funny lines. There are even classic lines from Predator in Prey like, “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” But which one's the best? You can help decide with your votes.

Vote up all your favorite quotes from Prey and keep your eyes to the sky for any more “Thunderbirds.”

  • We Have Him
    Photo: Prey / Hulu

    We Have Him

    Itsee: We have him.

    Naru: No. He has us.

  • I Am Not A Threat
    Photo: Prey / Hulu

    I Am Not A Threat

    Naru: You bled my brother. So now you bleed. You think that I am not a hunter like you. That I am not a threat. That is what makes me dangerous. You can't see that I'm killing you. And it won't either.

  • No More
    Photo: Prey / Hulu

    No More

    Naru: This is as far as you go. No More. This is it.

  • We Can Kill It
    Photo: Prey / Hulu

    We Can Kill It

    Naru: I don't know that this thing can be killed.

    Taabe: If it bleeds, we can kill it.