The Best Prince Guitar Solos Of All Time

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When discussing the best Prince guitar solos of all time, it can be tempting to only talk about his live performances. Indeed, the Minnesotan musical legend has made history time and again with his legendary solos in live covers such as "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," "American Woman," and "Creep."

However, to only focus on Prince's live solos is to disregard his illustrious body of recorded work. Over the course of a whopping 39 studio albums, Prince redefined what a guitar hero could be, as he infused his unique R&B/funk hybrid style with blistering rock solos that would make Eddie Van Halen tremble. Whether you prefer the restrained solos of hits like "Purple Rain" or the rapidfire cadenzas of songs like "Dreamer" or "Let's Go Crazy," Prince's guitar work is as eclectically impressive as his songs themselves. 

There are countless good guitar solos in the Prince discography, but it's up to you to decide which are the best of the best. Vote up your favorite Prince solos below, and be sure to add any that you feel we may have missed.  

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  • Purple Rain
    84 votes

    Album: Purple Rain 

    Released: 1984 

    Solos: 3:46-5:10/6:06-6:36

  • When Doves Cry

    When Doves Cry

    50 votes

    Album: Purple Rain

    Released: 1984

    Solo: 3:36-4:23

  • Let's Go Crazy

    Let's Go Crazy

    62 votes

    Album: Purple Rain

    Released: 1984 

    Solo: 3:00-3:17

  • Joy In Repetition

    Joy In Repetition

    37 votes

    Album: Graffiti Bridge

    Released: 1990 

    Solo: 3:01-4:53

  • Dreamer


    41 votes

    Album: LOtUSFLOW3R

    Released: 2009

    Solo: 2:16-3:04

  • Computer Blue

    Computer Blue

    46 votes

    Album: Purple Rain

    Released: 1984 

    Solos: 1:37-2:11/2:30-3:59