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20 Princess Bride Memes That Remind Us Why The Movie Is Brilliant

Updated 28 May 2020 20.7k votes 2.5k voters 72.7k views20 items

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Few movies have had as many quotable lines as The Princess Bride. Casablanca? Sure. Gone With the Wind? Maybe. The Godfather? Possibly. Not many other candidates spring to mind. It stands to reason, then, that the always-thirsting, never-sleeping internet meme beast would descend upon this beloved classic and use it for its own purposes.

The late, great screenwriter William Goldman didn't just layer the film (adapted from his own novel) with lots of pithy quips and funny one-liners. There's wisdom there too, on topics as varied as love, revenge, and the pitfalls of getting involved in a land war in Asia. The movie is a cornucopia of classic scenes and raw material for meme-makers.

Here's a sampling of the best funny Princess Bride memes we've found - so far. Will the well run dry any time soon? Inconceivable!

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