The 28 Best Professional Heroes In 'My Hero Academia'

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Professional heroes in My Hero Academia have a demanding job. They're responsible for fighting villains and keeping the peace within society. Some of them take on additional responsibilities, like preparing would-be heroes to enter the profession. It's not an easy job, and everyone who takes it on deserves credit. Some heroes stand out above the rest, though.

Who are the best pro heroes in My Hero Academia? One obvious contender is All Might, also known as Toshinori Yagi. Not only is he the No. 1 hero according to the in-series ranking system, the Hero Billboard Chart, but his power and heroic attitude are incomparable. But other, lesser-known heroes are also worth noting. For example, Edgeshot's incredible quirk allows him to fold his body into angles sharp enough to cut. Plus, he can be thin enough to fit through anything.

Determining the best of the best MHA pro heros is tricky, but not impossible.

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    Eraserhead, also known as Shota Aizawa, appears on My Hero Academia often because he balances his job as a pro hero with his role as homeroom teacher for Class 1-A at UA High School. This is no easy feat, so it's no wonder he's perpetually exhausted.

    His quirk, Erasure, allows him to temporarily eliminate the quirk of a chosen target, helping the teacher keep students safe and thwart villains as a pro hero.

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    All Might
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    You can't have a list about top pro heroes without including All Might, the top-rated hero. He isn't born with a unique ability, but he inherits One for All - a quirk that allows the user to magnify their strength and achieve superspeed. All Might masters this ability, and then passes it on to Izuku Midoriya.

    Even when he's seriously weakened from battle, All Might is able to defeat All for One, the nation's most dangerous villain.

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    Let's be honest: Hawks is one of the coolest pro heroes in the MHA universe. Not only does his costume look amazing but his quirk, Fierce Wings, makes him an incredibly skilled and powerful hero worthy of being ranked No. 2. Whether it's flying or using his feathers as swords, he looks cool no matter what he does. His laid-back, nonchalant personality is fun to watch too, especially when he's teasing Endeavor. 

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    Fat Gum
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    With his friendly disposition and infectious enthusiasm, it's difficult not to like Fat Gum. Plus, he looks like an adorable, round balloon. What's not to love? His quirk, Fat Absorption, allows him to make anything stick or sink into his body fat. That's why he always seems to be constantly hungry. 

    It's also a great defensive ability that makes him more durable, but don't be fooled. He can store his fat and convert it into offensive muscle when he needs to attack, giving him options to be on the offense during a battle. During the Shie Hassaikai Arc, he proves to be a skilled hero and a great mentor to Kirishima and Amajiki. 

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    Nana Shimura
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    Nana Shimura is All Might's former mentor, and she possesses the One for All ability before him. Nana has incredible strength, speed, and resilience. She also influences All Might's understanding of heroism, believing true protectors defeat the bad guys and reassure the victims.

    All Might looks up to her and tries to pass on her teachings to his own student.

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    Recovery Girl
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    Without Recovery Girl, many of the UA High School students wouldn't make it. Her Heal quirk harnesses the power of a target's immune system, helping to heal injuries incredibly quickly. Recovery Girl, also known as Chiyo Shuzenji, is a boon to professional heroes, too.

    She might not be able to throw a great punch, but she can get anyone back to fighting shape in no time.

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