The Best Pro Wrestling Champions

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In pro wrestling, the highest honor a wrestler can achieve is becoming the champion of their respective promotion. Becoming the champion has a lot of responsibility, like being the face of the organization and being the number one main eventer at a particular time. This is the guy at a particular moment who you want to lead the charge. The champ can be a face or a heel, as long as they generate enough attention towards the title and keeps the fans wanting more. While there have been many champions in many different promotions, the people listed on here are the greatest wrestling champions. This includes wrestlers from different promotions and even some of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

So who are the best pro wrestling champs of all time? Any list has to start with one of the most influential wrestlers of all time: Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster has been the heavyweight champion too many times to count in various different promotions like the WWE (obviously) and WCW. The same goes for wrestling legend Ric Flair. You'll also see icons like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin on this list of the best wrestling champs of all time. 

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