From The Police To Fisherman, These Are The Best Reality Shows About Professionals

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The best reality TV shows about jobs both show you all the intense ins and outs of a profession while also delivering drama. Unscripted series about professions are, like a lot of the jobs they profile, the backbone of reality television and there is a show available about almost any career you're curious about. From bounty hunters to law enforcement, tattoo artists to fishermen, there is a show about how the people in the business.

Discovery Channel has some of the more obscure professions in their reality TV shows, while also providing high emotional stakes. With Deadliest Catch and American Chopper, you get a mix of reality show drama and docudrama, and Dirty Jobs is like an anthology of reality shows about jobs, with each episode focusing on a different profession. One of the oldest reality shows about a profession is possibly Cops, which first premiered in 1988 to allow audiences to follow members of the law enforcement while on patrol. The popularity of Cops is reflected in the number of series following first responders and those in the medical field. It's not just physically demanding, high-adrenaline shows that follow a business or a profession - creative careers have reality shows too, like Ace Of Cakes and Miami Ink.

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