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The Best Project Runway Designers Ever

List RulesVote up the designers you liked the most. It's about personality and design skills, not whether or not they actually won!

Dig deep, deep down into your soul and think of your all-time favorite designers from "Project Runway." The ones who went on to win the competition and even the ones you think who were robbed. This list features all the fan favorites, including the designers we just love to hate. 

It's not about winning here, people – it's about who got you to say which catch phrase the most. It also has a little to do with whose designs you most loved, because that's only half the battle. The real winners are those that could make us laugh and love despite some of their ghastly designs.
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    First ever winner of "Project Runway" for Season 1, Jay was suppose to be awarded  $100,000 and a mentorship from Banana Republic, but had to turn both down because of "contractual issues," whatever that means! 
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    Ari South

    Andy created resortwear in season 8 that was one for the books. She also transitioned when she returned for the "All Stars" season with her new name, Ari.
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    Jeffrey had his own brand called Cosa Nostra even before winning the third season of "Project Runway." It was a favorite among Gwen Stefani, Elton John, Madonna, and Tommy Lee. Not too shabby, Jeff!
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    So many things to say about Santino, so little time. You would think he was the winner of season 3 considering how much air time he's getting on "Ru Paul's Drag Race," but he wasn't.
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    Erin Roberson

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    Sweet P Vaughn

    Season 4 runner-up, Sweet P's denim minidress for Levi's was a standout. She then competed in the "All Stars" challenge and came in 12th.
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    Kara didn't win season 2, but her garden party dress was unforgettable. She was famously partnered with Zulema, who at one point told her, “I don’t care if you cry and cut, but you need to cry and cut at the same rate.”
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    Rodney Epperson

    Sweet Rodney, your dread locks and soft spoken phrases will be sorely missed. This season 6 contestant gave Western genre a whole new look with his daring black dress.
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    Kit Pistol

    Kit didn't win season 4 after she was partnered with Ricky Lizalde, designer and cry-baby. Her outfit for Tiki Barber will still remain a memorable fave, though.
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    Bert Keeter

  • Although this win was one of the most controversial the show has seen, Gretchen became winner of season 8, beating Mondo. Heidi and guest judge Jessica Simpson were in agreement that there could have been a different winner that night...
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    Elisa Jimenez

    Elisa was a contestant in the 4th season and would later go on to the "All Stars" edition but lost in the first episode. Still, her “disturbing, Gretel-like figure” and using her spit to mark her garments is the type of crazy that we'll always cherish.
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    Vanessa Riley

    Season 1 loser, Vanessa screwed herself over when she stuck her foot in her mouth and said she should be eliminated after a team challenge. She was an excellent designer and also great at drinking.
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    Zulema Griffin

    Zulema, you divine goddess. Author of the phrase, “I don’t care if you cry and cut, but you need to cry and cut at the same rate.” Not a winner in season 2, but we'll never forget the drama.