The Best Project Runway Designers Ever

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Vote up the designers you liked the most. It's about personality and design skills, not whether or not they actually won!

Dig deep, deep down into your soul and think of your all-time favorite designers from "Project Runway." The ones who went on to win the competition and even the ones you think who were robbed. This list features all the fan favorites, including the designers we just love to hate. 

It's not about winning here, people – it's about who got you to say which catch phrase the most. It also has a little to do with whose designs you most loved, because that's only half the battle. The real winners are those that could make us laugh and love despite some of their ghastly designs.
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  • Christian Siriano
    494 votes
    Oh Christian. Winner of the fourth season and founder of the famous catchphrase "fierce." The phrase was continuously used and abused until it became no longer relevant. Your designs, however, are timeless and still attract the likes of Taylor Swift and Kaley Cuoco.
  • Mondo Guerra
    502 votes

    Mondo Guerra

    Oh Mondo, many thought you were robbed in season 8. It's a good thing he came back in 2012 for the "All Stars Edition" and won. Mondo famously revealed his HIV-positive status on the runway with one of his designs. 
  • Dmitry Sholokhov
    447 votes
    The mysterious Dmitry. He looks like a Disney villain, but he was season 10's champion, so it evens out. 
  • Dom Streater
    327 votes

    Dom Streater

    Dom won season 12 with the biggest prize package of $500,000 in the show's history. Pretty incredible since she started out working two jobs to support herself in the beginning of her career. 
  • Rami Kashou
    220 votes

    Rami Kashou

    Rami had technical skill above all others in season 4, but sadly didn't take home the gold. His finale collection truly showcased his talents as a designer with clean but intricately detailed gowns.
  • Anthony Williams
    264 votes

    Anthony Williams

    Although losing in season 7, fans adored Anthony. Guest judge Jessica Alba did as well, considering she wore one of his designs on the red carpet.