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The Best Quotes from The Promised Neverland

Updated 17 Apr 2019 1.5k votes 284 voters 7.5k views

Any series where humans become food can be relatively unnerving, but The Promised Neverland is one show that takes it to the next level; what if, instead of full-grown adults, it was children? Living a seemingly normal life with a large group of other children, Emma has thought of her world to be nothing short of perfect. However, when she and her friend Norman witness something truly terrible happen to one of their sisters, the two must plan an escape from the farm disguised as a home. 

There are so many chilling quotes in this series, including the moment Emma discovers that they're living on a farm. When she asks Norman to tell her that they were mistaken and that they didn't see their little sister, Conny, get killed, she asks, "That girl wasn't Conny, right?" Norman's response hits you in the gut when he confirms, "That was Conny." Of course, there are other moments that tell you just how incredibly messed up this series gets. As a younger Ray sits under a tree and sings to himself, Isabella is horrified by the haunting tune. Reminded of her childhood crush before he was shipped off, she asks Ray how he knew the song. "Why did you give birth to me?" Ray asks, confirming that he is, in fact, her biological son. 

With so many horrifying things to have happened in this anime, it'll be hard to pick just one top quote. Vote up your favorite lines to let us know which ones were the best! 

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