The Funniest Prop Comedians of All Time

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This list contains information about the best prop comedians, loosely ranked by user votes. The best prop comedians come in many forms. Some famous prop comedians incorporate food into their acts while other prop comedians generate laughs from puppets. A few hilarious prop comedians have gone on to become some of the most successful stand-ups in the world.

Who will you find on this top prop comedians list? Carrot Top has to be near the top. Carrot Top is arguably one of the most famous prop comedians to ever hit the stand-up stage. Along with unique props, his bright red hair and self-depricating humor are cornerstones of his comedy. The watermelon smashing stand-up Gallagher is another popular prop comic.

Steve Martin started his stand-up career using a variety of props, most famously an arrow through his head. Other funny comics featured on this best prop comedians list include Harpo Marx, Rip Taylor, and Howie Mandel.

Which prop comic do you think is the funniest? Take a look at this list and give your favorites a thumbs up to make sure they end up at the top.

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  • Steve Martin
    130 votes
    The Jerk, ¡Three Amigos!, Bowfinger
  • Gallagher
    117 votes
    Gallagher: The Sledge-O-Matic Collection, American Misfits, The Book of Daniel
  • Harpo Marx
    78 votes
    Duck Soup, A Night at the Opera, A Day at the Races
  • Carrot Top
    129 votes
    The Aristocrats, Smiley Face, Bob Zany: Close But No Cigar