The Best Prosecco Brands

For the wine and champagne enthusiast, nothing satisfies like a lovely glass of bubbly straight from the heart of the vineyard. Sparkling prosecco is known for its light-bodied, airy qualities and is considered to be the top of the line. If you’ve ever asked the question, “What are the best prosecco brands?” you’ve definitely come to the right place! It seems that there’s no other beverage on earth that can capture the romantic euphoria of a wedding ceremony quite like a bottle of sparkling presecco can; the seal is broken, the cork pops, and a hundred tiny bubbles rise to the top of the glass as its poured, as if to invite people to celebrate all night. This elegant white wine is exactly that: a big bottle of celebration! Whether it’s a graduation party, classy birthday night or a bridal drink for pre-wedding jitters, sparkling prosecco wine is just as classic as champagne is. This list discusses the top brands of prosecco that range in price and variety, including: Cinzano, Carpene Malvolti, Silvano Follador, Vesuvio, Bottega, Tenuta Sant’anna, Zardetto, Borgo Magredo and Berlo. If you have ever sipped on a bubbly glass of sparkling prosecco please vote for your favorite today!
Photo: Alasdair Elmes / Unsplash
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