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The Best PlayStation 4 Adventure Games

Updated May 18, 2020 2.8k votes 392 voters 9.3k views54 items

With the arrival of No Man's Sky, it's time to rank the best PlayStation 4 adventure games released on the console so far. Although it suffered from being announced too early and gigantic expectations, No Man's Sky is clearly one of the best adventure games for PS4. You take away what you put into it, with potentially thousands of hours of gameplay at your fingertips if you feel like really role-playing a very specific character.

Other good PlayStation 4 strategy games include Until Dawn, and the artistically beautiful ABZU, a game that many are calling "Underwater Journey." There is also Firewatch, one of the more talked about adventure games for PS4, which is admittedly short but tells a captivating story. You certainly can't talk about adventure games for PlayStation 4 without mentioning Uncharted 4, a game that finally gave us an ending to Nathan Drake's story.

Vote up the best PS4 adventure games that you've played so far, and downvote any titles you've gotten your hands on but didn't really enjoy.