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Roll The Virtual Dice With The 15 Best Board Games For The PS4

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While board games have seen a resurgence in recent years, sometimes you don't have the energy (or the space) to round up all your friends and host your own game night. Fortunately, you can take those game nights into the 21st century with the help of the best PS4 board games. With a regular board game, you have to search high and low in the closet and dust off a game that hasn't been opened since before your parents were married.

While some of these games were originally released on the PS3, they're all still a blast to play today. With local co-op and online multiplayer options, you can get your game on with your friends, family, or complete strangers anywhere, anytime. Plus, playing board games on the PS4 instead of IRL means you won't have to worry about someone flipping the board over when they land on Park Avenue.

The PlayStation may not really be known for having an abundance of family-friendly titles, but there's a surprising amount of great board games on the PS4. Monopoly Family Fun Pack is easily one of the biggest and most popular, but hybrid board games like Splay the Spire and Armello are also top choices.  Or if you like a little more action with your board games, then you can check out Risk Urban Assault. Just like regular Risk, you set out to rule the world. Only this time, you get to see your conquest in stunning graphics.

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    Monopoly Family Fun Pack

    Photo: Ubisoft

    With the Monopoly Family Fun Pack, there are three exciting new ways to play on the PS4. Monopoly Plus lets you play in-person or online with up to six players in the game's outstanding 3D world. Best of all, you can choose from a range of gameplay styles.

    Monopoly Deal, for example, turns the classic board game into a fast-paced, card-stealing bout for up to five players. And My Monopoly allows you to personalize the experience where you get to incorporate your own pictures, add silly icons, and even name the properties. 

    • Release: 2014
    • Developer: Ubisoft
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    Trivial Pursuit Live!

    Photo: Longtail Studios

    Pit your wits against your family (or friends, or strangers) in Trivial Pursuit Live! This version of Trivial Pursuit comes with a modern look and new, reinvented question types.

    You can finally show off all the knowledge you have in this game. While this version doesn't offer the same number of gameplay variations as, say, Monopoly on the PS4, it's still a blast to play.

    • Release: 2015
    • Developer: Longtail Studios
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    Photo: Ubisoft Entertainment

    The PS4 version of Battleship takes the classic board game and gives it a new digital twist. With two different gameplay modes (Classic and Clash at Sea), players can choose to play locally or challenge randos online. Also, the game's AI is pretty darn smart.

    What makes this digital board game so fun is the fact that it perfectly mimics the actual game: You can actually download the Battleship app and play on your phone or tablets as you use your PS4's screen to move your units. 

    • Release: 2016
    • Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
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    The Jackbox Party Pack 1 & 2

    Photo: Jackbox Games

    You Don't Know Jack was all the rage back in the mid-'90s, and this party pack collects the best of the bunch. After all, why buy one board game when you could get several? The Jackbox Party Pack provides you with a variety of excellent games. From quizzes to drawing, there's a little something for everyone. Have your friends sign on at the same time as you so that you can play no matter where in the world you're all located. 

    And if the first Jackbox wasn't enough for you, then you get a whole new set of games with the sequel. Some of the titles you get with this package include Fibbage, Earwax, Quiplash, Bidiots, and more! You can play with up to eight players, so invite your friends to log on to see who emerges victorious.   

    • Release: 2014
    • Developer: Jackbox Games
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