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Get Hooked On The Best Fishing Games For The PS4

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The best fishing games for the PS4 offer the single greatest alternative for when you're unable to actually get out on the lake. Many people spend summer afternoons out at the local watering hole with a boat, a reel, and some bait. They'll spend hours waiting for the fish to bite, and even if none show up, you at least got to engage in a relaxing experience. Much of the same can be said of these video games (except for the fact that you'll probably catch a whole lot more giant fish on your couch instead of on a boat). 

The great thing about fishing games is that they offer all the beauty and comfort of casting out without, you know, actually having to go anywhere. Games like Rapala Fishing, for example, let you engage in epic fishing competitions to help you become the best fisherman the virtual world has ever seen. 

Sure, games like Red Dead Redemption 2 feature some seriously detailed fishing side quests, but this list is focusing specifically on popular fishing simulation games. Vote up what you think are the best PS4 fishing games in 2020 so readers can see which game to pick up next. 

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    Euro Fishing

    Video: YouTube

    Ever wanted to cast out on those old European lakes? Well, now you can...sort of. In Euro Fishing, you can fish all throughout the most famous lakes in Europe. You'll need to learn how to master your rod so that you can catch every single fish this pristine country has to offer.

    Customizable environment effects alter what kind of fish you can catch, so when the weather changes, it's your time to shine. The game features a lot of real-world customizations, and the lush European backdrop really helps set the stage, making it all the more important for you to master your technique.

    Release: 2014
    Developer: Dovetail Games

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    Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure

    Video: YouTube

    In Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure, you and three friends embark on a memorable summer road trip, without ever leaving the house. You go through various fishing spots, engaging in everything from freshwater stream fishing to deep-sea fishing. With 10 locations and over 20 varieties of fish to capture, there's always something new to discover.

    The gameplay is extremely fluid, and the graphics are some of the best yet in a fishing simulator. Customize your gear and gain new lures as you chase the ever-elusive legendary fish.

    Release: 2019
    Developer: Tachyon Inc.

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    The Fisherman - Fishing Planet

    Video: YouTube

    The Fisherman - Fishing Planet was made by fishing enthusiasts, and they get every detail right. The game gives you as close of a real-life fishing experience you can get with unparalleled authenticity. 

    With more than 100 different species of fish to catch, each little angler has its own special behavior, which you need to learn in order to reel them in. In fact, you may just find your real-world fishing prowess expand as you play the game. 

    Release: 2019
    Developer: Fishing Planet LLC

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    Fishing Sim World

    Video: YouTube

    Travel around the U.S. and Europe in this extremely detailed fishing simulation. While one could make the argument that most fishing games are relaxing, Fishing Sim World is easily one of the most tranquil of the bunch.

     It's the perfect fishing game for when you need to come down a few notches. The action is a bit more subdued, but when you just want to zone out and try to catch some fish, it hits the spot. 

    Release: 2018
    Developer: Dovetail Games

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